Bringing Expertise and
Experience to Every Project

Bringing Expertise and Experience to Every Project

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innovation & Technology

Even before our business grew, we always utilized the best-in-class software and innovative building practices. It did not make much sense at the time, it is just how we did things. And now, it is a standard we continue to uphold.

pre-construction planning

Does it fit? Does it function? What are the risks? How long will it take? How much does it cost? These questions are vitally important to the successful outcome of each project. Our team can provide these answers with accuracy and truthfulness - it is what we do!

project delivery

We consistently deliver projects with the highest quality, safely, on time and on budget. Our experience, innovation and collaboration ensure each of these key principles are met. We do this by keeping our core values as the basis for each decision - always keeping our clients first.

Delivery methods

We believe there is no-one-best solution. Based on budget, schedule, financial restrictions and risk, our team will assist you in selecting the best project delivery method. Ultimately it all comes down to one thing - earning your trust.


You cannot achieve excellence by cutting corners. Industry-leading quality control and cutting-edge systems: these are the tools we use to consistently deliver superior results. Our methods are time-tested and continuously improving - we are always striving to be best in class.


Building LEAN - the concept is simple, maximizing the value of each project while minimizing our social, economic, and environmental impact. Our certified LEAN construction team works to ensure these principles are realized on every project.

Safety is our Top Priority

For us, safety is not an option, it is a decision we make every day. At Shearer Construction we value the health and wellness of our employees and do whatever it takes to maintain a safe work environment. We do that by:

Let's Build Something Together


Our goal is to become a leader in the Northwest construction industry by doing great work, safely, on time and on budget. It’s that simple.

blueprints and hard hat

Tenant Improvements

Whether your business is in need of expanding, remodeling, updating, or relocating, Shearer Construction, an experienced tenant improvement contractor, is your solution. We can assist you in space planning, scheduling, lease negotiation and cost analysis.  


We understand the services and have the skills required to strategize, plan and deliver a real estate project. As your development partner, we underwrite and develop projects with an up-front commitment to price and timeline.  Whether the job calls for assets repositioning, a build to suit solution or even speculative development, our team focuses on managing risk and maximizing ROI.

We work closely with municipalities to successfully manage both permitting challenges and financial incentives – and work with our clients to structure optimized financing and ownership strategies.

large building being built